Managers/Recruiters – Onboarding

These are tips for Managers and Recruiters in regards to the onboarding process, after a candidate has accepted the job offer.   


Step 1: Have a 30 day training plan

Make sure to include as many details as possible within this plan. They’ll need the names of team members they’ll be meeting with, titles, the departments they work under, their contact information, office/cubicle location and what they’ll be covering. What you’re doing here is making it easy for the new employee to find their way around, as well as, have an understanding of what they’ll be doing for the first 30 days, until they are comfortable and have an clear understanding of their job/environment. Have the plan ready for day 1 (start date) or provide it prior if possible.


Step 2: Supplies

Have the new employee’s supplies ready on day one. It’s important to make sure you supply them everything they’ll need. Also, make sure that if the supplies aren’t new that they are clean. Things like phones, laptops, desks and fabs are often not cleaned in advanced and it’s a little detail like that that add comfort. IT should make sure the phone, email and passwords are working. Double back with the employee and confirm they are able to access their computer, email, software and key fobs are working. If the employee will be wearing a uniform, make sure it fits property. Also provide a notepad and pen for day one. It’s a new job must.  


Step 3: Guide to the organization

Every organization has its own quirks and events. Try to share what those are. There may be a standing birthday meeting that doesn’t have a formal invitation or a standing happy hour. Other things that can be shared include food truck locations, best lunch spots, how to join the company sports team, when in-house meals are catered (even if it’s just bagels), casual dress days and anything else that might be unique to your company.


Step 4: Follow up meeting

Schedule a follow up meeting with the employee and the direct supervisor. It’s important for them discuss their training in detail. Keep an eye on trends that will help improve training and remember that not everyone learns the same way.  Make sure to include the following in addition to any other training/new employee related questions:

  • Do you have any follow-up questions?
  • Was their training that was cancelled and still needs to be rescheduled?
  • Can they benefit from repeating any part of the training?
  • Do they have a clear understanding of the organization?
  • Do they have a clear understanding of the role?


The goal is to make sure your new employees feel comfortable, they have a great understanding of the organization and their job. Set them up for success!

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Job Seeker Tip – Applying To New Roles 


Job Seeker Tip – Applying to new roles
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A tip for candidates on the job hunt.

Don’t apply to every position within one organization. Managers have visibility into what and how many positions a candidate has applied to. When candidates apply to too many positions it leads managers and recruiters to believe the candidate didn’t review the roles. Take the following steps:
– Review the full description of the opportunity
– Only apply to roles where you meet the minimum skill set. While you don’t always have to meet 100% of the skill set, make sure to meet at least 80%
– Go a step further and reach out to a manager or recruiter to increase your chances of being noticed

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