Zoe Connolly is Hospitality Spotlight’s founder and CEO. For more than a decade, she’s pioneered innovative and proactive recruiting efforts, connecting the best talent with the best companies, across all levels of organizations.

In her career, Zoe has worked with a variety of companies, from startups to Fortune 500 firms. While her focus early in her career was in technology and linguistics, her passion for the travel industry led her to Hospitality Spotlight.

Currently, through working with hospitality and travel technology clients, Hospitality Spotlight has emerged as one of the go-to firms for senior level talent in the hotel and travel technology space. A refreshing combination of an expansive network and complete transparency continues to push Zoe and her clients, both companies and candidates into a bright spotlight.

Zoe is a member of HSMAI, Association of Talent Acquisition ProfessionalsHotel Executive Editorial Board and eHotelier Contributor. 

A bit more…..

Home: Island Girl, but consider the DC area home.

Based: Southern California.

1st Job: Sandwich Artist.

The Drive: It’s all for my family, my babies.

The Work: Connecting people is my jam.

Guilty Pleasure: Any home reno show, Gilmore Girls, pistachio ice cream, and NY style pizza. On the search for all things tasty, gluten-free, and dairy-free….the hunt continues.

Pet Peeves: No shows, people that don’t hold doors (I mean you are already holding it ).

At Ease: With a hot cup of coffee or on a beach.

No Buenos: Dishonesty, scary movies and lamb.

Other Career: Would love to attempt interior design or professional volleyball player (unfortunately I’m short, can’t jump and sometimes I’m scared of the ball).

Fav Quote: May you live all the days of your life – Scottish author, Jonathan Swift.

My Saying: Something is better than nothing.

Favorite Books: The Glass Menagerie (assigned by my 11th-grade teacher and still a favorite), The Glass Castle, Crush It, Kitchen Confidential.

Personality: Middle child syndrome = Fixer, jokester with a juvenile sense of humor and bad timing, sarcastic.

Hero: My mother, stepdad and Notorious RBG.